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The Karapiro Prime Story

Our story begins where any epic adventure should; an insatiable curiosity and love for high quality food. A few characters in this tale have come and gone since many a moon ago; the year of two thousand sixteen.

On that fateful day, one brother visited another and to his surprise a parcel was delivered containing a selection of the finest beef and lamb cuts he had ever seen. “Where on this fine Earth did you order those from, brother?” he asked alarmingly. “Why, a friend of mine grows these fine animals. For other than friends and family, they tend to end up on plates in other countries”, he responded.

It was at that moment that the two devised a brilliant and generous plan. “Why can’t everyone get their hands on this stuff as well, brother?” the brilliant brother asked. “That’s an astounding point you raise, brother”, the other said. “I think we’re on to something here. Shall we pursue this?” one asked. “Yes, let’s.” the other agreed.

From that day forward, several impactful characters came in and out of the journey and today there are 3 brothers. The brothers 3 are now supplying some of New Zealand’s highest quality beef & lamb to their local village, Auckland. A man who builds and farms, an overly personable man who wires electrical structures and a man who is proficient at using a tool called, computer. With their different backgrounds, they have drawn on their skills and created what is now, Karāpiro Prime.

Karāpiro Prime grows its stock in Karāpiro and Whangamatā. As stated earlier in our story, the product is grown and nurtured in way that is fit for dining plates overseas. Stock that roams free on green pastures will always produce results suited to the overseas palate. No longer! Karāpiro Prime is reserving some of it’s best stock for the townsfolk of the land it comes from; New Zealand. All of the product comes packed tightly using a machine called a vacuum-packer. This apparently keeps air out to help the meat last much longer.

So friends, follow Karāpiro Prime on their journey and make sure you pledge yourself to The Mailing Basket to make sure you get the trade specials and event invitations!

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Well, well, well. With the vacuum-packer technology we are able to provide you with product that remains fresher and more flavoursome for longer!

Our vacuum-packed products can have a range of longevity depending on what kind of beast you have summoned, so read on traveller! Provided you stow your product below 4 degrees celcius, you can expect the following measures from the item’s packed date!

  • Beef: 6 – 8 weeks
  • Lamb: 4 – 6 weeks
  • Pork: 1 – 3 weeks
  • Chicken: 7 – 10 days

Be diligent to cook your product immediately after tearing its packaging open in a fit of hunger. It is advised to let the product reach room temperature and air out for at least 10 minutes before throwing on the fire.

No longer will you have to summon frozen items from other suppliers! Get your product transported fresh today!

Carvery Specialists & Advice

Our carvery specialists have undergone years of rigorous training to master their craft. Cutting, slicing, trimming and able to answer any queries you may have about your dietary and culinary requirements. You can reach out to us with our own sorcery found by clicking this.

Please take heed

As the product lays in wait amid its packaging, it will continue to age and gradually lose its ability to retain water. Thus, losing approximately 1-2% of its total weight over a 3 week period.

It should also be noted that a peculiar odour can sometimes present itself upon piercing the packaging! Not to worry, this is simply the gases used when packing your product nice and tight. Give it 10 minutes to rest, and you shall be ready to cook!