Shear Organic Snackeroo

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The Shear Organic Snackeroo. The leg-roast will fill the house with a heavenly aroma all day while it cooks. Worry not, throw the lamb chops and bangers on the barbie for lunch to tie you over.

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NOTE: This product is on pre-order and will be available for delivery from Wednesday 10th July, 2019. Order before midnight 7th July to have yours ready for the first delivery round on Wednesday.

The Shear Organic Snackeroo will hit the spot for a quick Sunday belly filler. Chuck the roast on early and then throw the chops and bangers on the barbie around lunch and have a few bevvies. Mint. Mint also goes well with the roast.

  • 2x Organic Gourmet Lamb Sausages (500g)
  • 1x Organic Lamb Shoulder Chops (3x cuts)
  • 1x Organic Lamb Leg Roast – Bone-in (1kg*)

We also have an incredible range of rubs & sauces available! Touch base with us if you’re interested!

Organic Certification Number: AQ 0640

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