Summon Your Parcels

By leveraging this internet sorcery, you can summon parcels of meat directly to your door! Once you have appointed a list of desired items and magically transferred your currency, we will dispatch our fastest steeds carrying your parcels straight to you!

How long must I wait for my parcel?

Indeed, patience is a virtue but we cannot wait long for our parcels at the very real threat of starvation! Our steeds make haste every Tuesday and Friday, so take a look at their journey schedule below. You can summon a parcel up to 24 hours before a dispatch day, but you will need your own steed to come and fetch it from us in person.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Tuesday Delivery x Delivery Backup Delivery From 9:00am To 12:00am
Tuesday Pickup To 9:00am Pickup Pickup Pickup x x From 12:00am
Friday Delivery From 9:00am To 9:00am x Delivery Backup Delivery x
Friday Pickup x x From 9:00am To 9:00am Pickup Pickup Pickup

Please take heed, all kinds of dark magic can sometimes attempt to interfere with our trade. We will dispatch carrier pigeons at our earliest convenience if anything would delay your parcel’s expected arrival time!

Right then, you had better teleport yourself over to our products to make a selection that you will never live to regret!

Who may summon a parcel?

Currently, our steeds can only travel as far as the wider Auckland Region. This stretches as far North as Orewa, as far South as Drury & Pukekohe, as far East as Howick and as far West as Helensville. Be sure to touch base with our team if you fall outside of these limits and desperately need a parcel!

Must I be home to receive my parcel?

No! But, take heed that the parcel is not safe from thieves, extended exposure to direct sunlight nor an extended period of time beyond 12 hours.

Indeed you are aware that your items will arrive sealed by the vacuum-packer and contained within a chilled box. This will grant you enough time to hurry home and rescue it from its adversaries.

It is advised to attach any special instructions to your summon, which could influence the safety of your parcel. Without it, your parcel may very well be doomed from the start.