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Scan & Find Out Where Your Product Comes From

Our traceability program

Here at Fair n Fresh, we believe our customers have the right to know where their food has come from, so we have instituted a traceability program that follows your meat from the farm gate to your plate. 

All our meat delivery products, from the family farm and associated farms, have a QR code on the pack. This can be scanned via a QR code reader on your phone and used to trace your meat back to the farm it came from.

Have a favourite farm?
Because farming is seasonal, we can’t guarantee that next time you will get your meat from the same farm. However, if you have a preference for a particular farm’s meat, we can add you to our reminders database. This means the next time we get some in from your favourite farm – we’ll let you know!

> Get on our reminders database for your fav farm produce

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Download a scanner app to your phone and scan the qr code on your pack

The QR code will take you to a drone flyover of the specific farm that your meat comes from. You’ll see the environment your sheep were raised in and can read a little bit about the farmers who grow your meat.

A bit about fair n fresh

Fair n Fresh Ltd is a kiwi company that processes and sells high-value meat products. We are led by a pair of hard working Waikato farm boys, whose vision is to bring fresh export quality meat direct to your plate. We source our high-quality meat from the family farm and other associated farms across the Upper North Island.

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We take our responsibility to the land, the animals and the people that care for them both – the farmers – seriously.  We believe that if we do them justice by providing a fair price to the farmer, a high-quality meat to our community, and will ensure we utilize all cuts to reduce wastage.